Getting ready for first exhibition, age 77


One of our aims is offer a showplace for the work of  artists who deserve greater recognition. David White is a veteran British artist who perfectly fits this category.  Now in his late seventies, David was an infant when the Luftwaffe was bombing British cities during World War Two. He became a pupil of the Manchester painter Norman Shacklock, aka David Wilde, whose vivid expressionist style is echoed in David’s own work. He later made his way  as a graphic artist and illustrator, occasionally selling his paintings to collectors and galleries in London, Paris and Manchester.  This is the first time a comprehensive selection of his work has been shown in one place. David will be one of four artists in the exhibition celebrating London that we are preparing for 2018.

The work shown here, Blitzed dwellings and downed raider, collage and mixed media, is from his series of paintings inspired by the Blitz.

To see more of David’s work just click on the “ARTISTS” button above and then click on “White, David” in the list of artists you will see.