Artists who love trees – The Arborealists meet David Rolt at our new exhibition. Now online!

Artists who love trees, a new exhibition curated by Robert Eagle, that was due to open at Burgh House, Hampstead on June 3rd, has been transferred online. Please take a look at our 15 minute  video and catalogue featuring the artists and their work.  Shorter videos (about two minutes long) featuring each artist singly can also be found on our new website.

News from Nowhere by Nahem Shoa

We are belatedly becoming aware just how valuable trees are, not only to our enjoyment of life but to our very survival. This exhibition features the work of contemporary artists whose work is inspired by love, fascination and need for trees. They call themselves The Arborealists. Their styles are as diverse as the mighty flora they celebrate, and in this exhibition their paintings will hang next to work by an earlier, mid-20th century painter, David Rolt, who is now being hailed as a “proto-Arborealist”. The contemporary Arborealists include Michael Porter, Philippa Beale, Stella Carr, Nahem Shoa, Fiona McIntyre, Tim Craven and Jacqueline Wedlake Hatton.

Last of the elms, by David Rolt