Granger-Taylor, Nicolas

Nicolas is renowned for his nude figure studies, portraits and meticulously executed still lives. Painting exclusively from life, spending weeks, sometimes months, on a single small work using sable brushes, working in oils on fine linen canvas, his paintings have been called “cabinet pictures”, intimate pieces meticulously executed after hours of intense observation, charged with...[Read more]

Hasell-McCosh, Beatrice

A young artist with a special flair for impressionist landscape  

Hay, Agnes

Agnes Hay is celebrated for her experimental art and films in her native Hungary. Her wire drawings are digital photograms, created by projecting light through small figures made of bent wire onto photosensitive paper. Regarded as subversive during the Communist era, Agnes was the partner of the dissident György Krassó, who came to London in...[Read more]

Hely-Hutchinson, Nicholas

Born in 1955, Nicholas Hely Hutchinson studied at St. Martins School of Art. Since his first one-man exhibition in 1984 he has exhibited many times in London, Dublin and Hong Kong among others. His most recent exhibitions in the UK have been at the Portland gallery in St James, London, where another exhibition of his work takes...[Read more]

Hill, David

David Hill (1914 - 1977) was a gay American artist. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, worked and painted in New York from 1942-1947, moving to Paris in 1947, where he spent the rest of his life. He was a close friend of the expatriate Canadian artist Joe Plaskett.

Hills, Dominic

Born in 1975, Dominic is from a new generation of artists leading the figurative tradition of British painting into fresh, new territory. His vivid, energetic paintings have been leaping off the walls wherever they are shown, such as - among many others - the London Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fair (in New York and...[Read more]

Hooper, George

English colorist par excellence, George Hooper was born in India in 1910. Trained at the Slade and the Royal Academy schools, where he won two gold medals and a scholarship, the bold, vivid colour of his work owes more to the influence of his early life in India and time spent later in Mediterranean Italy...[Read more]

Hughes, Patrick

Patrick was born in Birmingham, England in October 1939. His first exhibition was in 1961 and his first reverspective, Sticking-out Room, was made in 1964. He has been exhibiting with Angela Flowers Gallery (now Flowers Gallery) since 1970. Hughes' work is concerned with optical and visual illusions, the science of perception and the nature of...[Read more]

Huxley, Paul

Paul Huxley was born in London in 1938.  He studied at Harrow School of Art from 1951 until 1956 when, at the age of seventeen, he was admitted to the Royal Academy Schools where he graduated in 1960. His first solo exhibition was at the Rowan Gallery, London in 1963.  In 1964 he was selected...[Read more]

Irvin, Albert

Contributor to Chelsea Arts Club centenary portfolio British artist limited edition print, Chelsea Arts Club centenary portfolio Photo credit-

Irwin, Gwyther

(David) Gwyther (Broome) Irwin (7 May 1931 – 18 October 2008) was a British abstract artist born in Basingstoke, Hampshire, who had lived much of his life in north Cornwall. He was educated in Dorset, at Goldsmith's College and at the Central School of Art in London 1951–1954. Irwin first came to prominence in 1957...[Read more]

Jones, David

"Absolutely unique - a remarkable genius" is how Kenneth Clark described David Jones, who was not only an artist and engraver but also a poet, highly regarded by both TS Eliot and WH Auden.  His fame and reputation are set to be re-invigorated by two exhibitions in 2016 - David Jones: Vision and Memory at...[Read more]

Kerimova, Elena

Elena Aleksandrovna Kerimova, born in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1925, was a member of the Soviet Artist's Union. This self portrait of her in Cossack dress and the work shown below were among the small number of her paintings that were brought to the UK in the early 1990s.

Kling, Anton

Anton Kling, born in 1881, was a student of Gustav Klimt and member of the Vienna Secession and Vienna Workshop groups of artists who pioneered Art Nouveau in Austria before the Great War.  With Klimt and others he was one of the organisers of the Vienna Art Show (Wiener Kunstschau) of 1908 which brought Art...[Read more]

Lefever, Geoffrey

Most of the works shown here featured in our "When they were young..." touring exhibition. More information about this exhibition and the extraordinary story behind the paintings in our NEWS section. Today Geoffey Lefever's painting is entirely abstract, and he is more likely to be using a stick or a bundle of straw than a...[Read more]

London Group of 1980

The London Group was founded in 1913 by British artists who were tired of the stuffiness of the Royal Academy of the day and decided to set up an association that would exhibit the work of the up and coming generation. In 1979 the Group's president was Stan Smith; John Bellany had recently been made...[Read more]

Mara, Tim

Tim Mara was the leading printmaker of his generation. Contributor to Chelsea Arts Club centenary portfolio

Margit, Zsofi

Born in Romania, Zsofi Margit recently graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in London having previously studied at the University for Fine Arts in Budapest.  Much of her work is a contemporary take on the tradition of still life, focusing on everyday objects, materials and spaces. The pair of works here were first shown in the...[Read more]

Marin, Manuel

Born in Murcia, Spain in 1942, Manuel Marin became a bullfighter at age 16 before travelling to England, then to the USA, where he developed a love for sculpture, especially the work of Alexander Calder, whose influence can clearly be seen in the fine works in metal and primary colours on show here. While acknowledging Calder's...[Read more]

Martin, Barry

Barry Martin became the most versatile and prolific British exponent of Kinetic Art in London in the ‘Swinging Sixties’ and early Seventies. To the generations still seeking to escape the towering influence of Henry Moore, Kinetic Art offered a European alternative to the Anglo-American options of Pop Art, Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual Art and Minimalism. Martin’s...[Read more]

Matta, Roberto

Born in Chile, Matta became an important figure in the evolution of Surrealism, painting dreamlike, internal "inscapes" early on and, later, intense compositions reflecting the psychic damage caused by Europe’s ongoing wars. Shifting biomorphic shapes painted or drawn in vivid colours populated Matta’s often-apocalyptic scenes, conveying confusion and angst.  (Infomation courtesy of Artsy)

Mokrozhitsky, VL

Villi Leopol'dovich Mokrozhitsky, born Khakov, Ukraine in 1928, was a stalwart of the Socialist Realist school, whose work celebrated the Soviet revolutionary spirit. Photo credit:

Morton, Cavendish

All the works by Cavendish Marton shown here featured in the "When they were young..." touring exhibition during 2016.  TMore information about this exhibition in our NEWS section. One of East Anglia's most respected 20th century artists, Cavendish Morton was born in 1911 and spent a nomadic childhood wandering the country with his family, finally...[Read more]

Myers, Bernard

A fine example of a Modern British artist who deserves to be better known, Bernard Myers' work very successfully bridges the abstract/figurative divide in British art of the mid 20th century. Born in 1925, he was a contemporary at the Royal College of Art of John Bratby, Frank Auerbach and Leon Kossoff.  He later became a teacher at...[Read more]

Orr, Chris

For more information about Britain's most humorous artist take a look at his Royal Academy web page: